It seems like every new teacher goes through a similar process: create notes based on the book they've been assigned to teach from and add some sample problems to work through during class. It's only with time that a teacher is able to refine their notes to fill in gaps where past classes have stumbled and to find more interesting examples to engage the class. That's because putting together resources, good resources, is difficult. Putting together a nice presentation can involve finding the appropriate software, learning how to use it to create graphics, converting the graphics to the appropriate format and working out the usual technical glitches along the way. Why should everyone have to go through the same arduous process?

That's where this website comes in. Although it will examine all aspects of high school mathematics, with a little chess along the way, the major focus is on providing free resources for anyone to use: graphics, teaching points, handouts, problems, etc.

My goal is to stay away from the mundane; problems and examples that I want to put forward are either interesting, relevant/practical, fun, or involve multiple areas of mathematics and/or computer science. Whether you're a beginning math teacher, a grizzled veteran, or even just a math enthusiast I hope you will find something that you like.

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