...add horizontal space?

One of the confounding aspects of $latex \LaTeX$ that a beginner confronts is the inability to get more horizontal space into the document. It doesn’t matter how much space you put
between your words because that extra space is ignored. There are 2 types of horizontal space we need to address. The first type is for a large amount of horizontal space. The second type of horizontal space is for fine tuning the spacing between letters.


To create large amounts of space we use the \hspace command. A teacher who wants
the first line of their test to be the name and the course could use it to type this:
Name: \hspace{5.2in} Geometry
The \hspace{5.2in} puts 5.2 inches of space in between. Simple! Of course,
you can change the units just like we did with horizontal spacing:

Name: \hspace{50mm} Test \#1 \hspace{65mm}Geometry

In this case the measurement is in millimeters. For smaller amounts of space there are
various commands depending on whether you are in text mode or math mode. Math mode
has different spacing rules than in text mode. Here is the spacing for math mode:

$latex ax^2+bx +c$    (note there is no effect from the space between $latex bx$ and +) $latex ax^2+bx \qquad+c$          (double quad)
$latex ax^2+bx \quad+c$            (quad)                                                                                    $latex ax^2+bx \ +c$                   (space) the space after the backslash is part of the command!

$latex ax^2+bx \;+c$                  (thick space)                                                                     $latex ax^2+bx \>+c$                 (medium space)

$latex ax^2+bx \,+c$                  (thin space)                                                                   $latex ax^2+bx \!+c$                  (negative thin space) this decreases the original spacing!

In text mode you have double quad, quad, space, and thin space.

The tex file is here: HorizSpace


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