...align text (left, center, right)?

If you haven't noticed by now, $latex \LaTeX$ changes the spacing between the words so the line appears full. If you want to left justify the entire document then include the line


in the preamble of your document. Within your document you can shift between

  • align left (left justify)
  • align right (right justify)
  • align center (default setting for $latex \LaTeX$)

To left justify text, insert it between \begin{flushleft} and \end{flushleft}

To right justify text, insert it between \begin{flushright} and \end{flushright}

To center align text, insert it between \begin{centering} and \end{centering}

If you want to center text (such as for a title) then insert it between \begin{center} and \end{center}. The effects of center and centering are very different!

These sample files illustrate the basics of aligning text: Align (tex) Align (PDF)

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