...create a multicolumn document?

MultiColmnCreating a multicolumn document with $latex \LaTeX$ is easy; just add a package. The multicol package will let you intermix single and multicolumn text into your document for up to 10 columns. The multicol environment is invoked by typing

\begin{multicols}{3}%The 3 specifies 3 columns. You can have up to 10 columns
<The text>

In addition to letting you choose the number of columns, the multicolumn package lets you control

  1. The space between the columns
  2. Whether there is blank space between the columns or a vertical line (rule)
  3. The thickness and color of the line between the columns

Assuming you've loaded the xcolor package you can control these parameters by making the declarations just before you invoke the multicols environment.

\columnsep = 30pt %set column separation
\columnseprule = .8pt %set thickness of rule between columns without the previous line %there will be no rule between columns
\def\columnseprulecolor{\color{orange}} %sets the color of the line to orange

The default is to have no vertical line between the columns so deleting the lines setting \columnseprule and \columnseprulecolor will result in no line between the columns.

The output above was created by this template: MultiColmn (tex)  MultiColmn (PDF)

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