...emphasize text? (bold,italics,...)

$latex \LaTeX$ gives you lots of ways to emphasize text. Here are some choices:

  1. san serif ( \textsf{san serif text} )
  2. teletype ( \texttt{teletype text} )
  3. roman ( \textrm{roman text} )
  4. medium bold ( \texmd{medium text} )
  5. bold  ( \textbf{bold text} )
  6. upright (\textup{upright text} )
  7. slanted ( \textsl{slanted text} )
  8. italics ( \textit{italics text} )
  9. small capitals ( \textsc{small capitals text} )
  10. underline ( \underline{underlined text} )
  11. upper case ( \uppercase{uppercase text} )

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are all examples of font families. These should be available in every distribution of $latex \LaTeX$.

Choices 4 and 5 are examples of font series.

Choices 6, 7, 8, and 9 are different font shapes.

Underline and upper case are examples of emphasis that are not examples of font families/series/shapes.

$latex \LaTeX$ allows you to take a font family, series, and shape and apply them to your text for the various font sizes. For example:

\textbf{\textit{\texttt{\Large{Large text which is bold, italics, and teletype}}}}\\

Here's a tex file and PDF output illustrating how to emphasize text: EmText (tex) EmText (PDF)

This is the output:

The soul package

The soul package gives you even more control over emphasizing text. By adding \usepackage{soul} to the preamble you can now emphasize text in these ways:

  1. increase the spacing between the letters
  2. small/large capitals
  3. highlight text
  4. strike through text
  5. underline text

SoulPackageThe latex file for the screen shot above is here for you to experiment with: SoulPackage (.tex)




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