How do I.......get fancy text boxes with logos?

bclogoPackageAlthough everyone seems to love $latex \LaTeX$ for the way it typesets documents so well, after awhile you want something more. More graphical, like a textbook you had at school with different boxes that helped to organize the information in a comfortable way. Of course you can do that in $latex \LaTeX$, too. The package being used here is bclogo but, unfortunately the documentation is in French. You can get a glimpse of it in the screenshot above: logos in colorful boxes with shadows.

The list of logos is extensive: here's  the page from the documentation

bclogoPicsThe commands for these logos are in the documentation. The focus here is on the boxes. To start, you'll need to put \usepackage{bclogo} in the preamble. The boxes are created with

\begin{bclogo}[<options>]{Box heading}
Text to appear in the box

By filling in the options you can control many features of the box:

  • coleur to set the color of the box
  • couleurBord to set the border color
  • noborder set False for no border, True to have a border
  • sousTitre can give a subtitle
  • arrondi to set the curvature of the box: 0 for a rectangle and closer to 1 gives more rounded corners
  • cadreTitre (true or false) puts the label of the box inside the box
  • ombre (ture or false) true gives a shadow
  • epOmbre (decimal from 0 to 1) the bigger the number the bigger the shadow length
  • couleurOmbre is the color of the shadow
  • blur to blur the shadow
  • barre sets the "line" on the lefthand side of the box. Possibilities: line, zigzag, snake, motif
  • epBarre sets the thickness of the line
  • couleurBarre sets the color of the line
  • marge set the margin

Using motif lets you pick the symbol. There's a lot of ways to combine these so I've got a sample (.tex) file that shows off many of these optionsbcLogoPackage


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