...insert a picture?

If pdflatex is the tex engine then you can include JPG, PNG, and PDF without any problems. You'll need to put


in the preamble. Make sure that the pictures are in the same folder as your tex file and use the \includegraphics{MyPicture.pdf} command to include your picture (assuming your picture was named "MyPicture" and was a PDF file). You've got plenty of options that go along with the command. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • width=                 (set the width of the image)
  • height=                 (set the height of the image)
  • keepaspectratio=                  (make sure the image doesn't get stretched)
  • scale=                 (set the scale of the image)
  • angle=                 (set the angle of rotation of the image)

If you want the picture to also have a caption, put it into the figure environment.

People new to $latex \LaTeX$ get frustrated that their figure is moved to someplace they didn't want. Use [h] or [h!] once you're in the figure environment like this:

\includegraphics[width=2in, angle=45]{PythagoreanTreeB5.pdf}
\caption{This is a Pythagorean Tree rotated $45^{\circ}$ counterclockwise.}

Here's the tex file in the screenshot above illustrating the specifics: AddPicture (tex). The picture is here: PythagoreanTreeB5

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