This page contains other aspects of high school math, such as math reform, book reviews, magic, and so on.

Math Magic

Math magic is a good way to motivate divisibility tests and illustrate the power of algebra in explaining the magic.

The interesting number 1089, part 1: Magic1089part1  (tex)    Magic1089part1  (PDF)

The interesting number 1089, part 2: Magic1089part2 (tex) Magic1089part2  (PDF)

Mind reader (Is it magic, or just math?) how

Number trick demonstrated and explained

More mind reading: Fido Puzzle

Divisibility Tests: Divisibility .tex code   Divisibility  PDF version

Motivating FOIL: MotFOIL (.tex)  MotFOIL (PDF)

Richard Wiseman's "The Prediction"

Understanding the Prediction:  PredictionExp  (PDF)

Understanding "The Test": TheTestRW  (PDF)

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