Sage in the Classroom

Sage Interact Essentials

Sage Cheat Sheet:  SageCheatSheet6v2  (.tex )     SageCheatSheet6v2   (PDF)

Circular Motion Code: CircularMotion (.txt)

Color Chooser Code: ColorChooser (.txt)

Prime Table Code: PrimeTable (.txt)

Sierpinski Triangle Code: SierpinskiTriangle (.txt)

Sierpinski Carpet Code: SierpinskiBest (.txt) Previous: SierpinskiCarpet1 (.txt)

Koch Snowflake Code: KochSnowflake (.txt)

Triangle Sum Code: TriangleSum  (.txt)

Fractal Fern code: FractalFern (.txt)

Pythagorean Tree: Balanced PythagTree (.txt)      Unbalanced  PythagTreeB  (.txt)

Conic Sections code:  ConicSections  (.txt)

Experimental Probability code: ExProb  (.txt)

Basic Graphs with Sage: SageGraph  (.txt) produces tikz-code. Modify and put into a .tex file like this: SageGraph to create the graph. You'll need the proper style files for it to work.

Recaman Sequence: Recaman (.txt)

Platonic Solids: PlatonicSolid (.txt)

Similar Triangles (1): SimTri1 (.txt)

Similar Triangles (2): SimTri2 (.txt)

Sage Text Fields. Sample notebook: TextFields (PDF)

The Chaos Game: ChaosGame (.txt)

Matrix Messages: MatrixMessage (.txt)

Spirograph 1 and 2: Spiro1 (.txt)  Spiro2 (.txt)

Spiro General: SpiroGen (.txt)

Rational numbers:  AllRationals   (.txt)

Goldbach's Conjecture:  Goldbach (.txt)

Superformula: Superformula (.txt)

Prime Function: PrimeFcn (.txt)

H-Trees: H-Tree (.txt) H-Trees (varying thickness) H-TreeVaryThick (.txt)

Area of a Circle:  AreaOfCirc (.txt)

Newton's Method Fractal:  NewtonsMethod  (.txt)

Dragon's Curve: DragonCurve (.txt)

Recursive Square: RecSquare (.txt)

Discover Pi: DiscoverPi (.txt)

Trigonometric Transforations TrigTransformations (.txt)

L-systems:  Lsystem (.txt)

Passwords: Passwords (.txt)

Linear Regression: SageLR (.txt)

Create Quadratic Data: QuadRegData (.txt) Quadratic Regression: SageQuadReg (.txt)

Triangle Creator: TriangleCreator (.txt)

Birthday Problem: BirthdayProblem  (.txt)

Menger Sponge: MengerSponge   (.txt)

Chain Rule: ChainRule  (.txt)

Sage Interact: TangentLineProblem  (.txt)

Stern-Brocot sequence and listing of positive rationals: SternBrocot  (.txt)

Bisection Method: BisectionM  (.txt)

Dragon Curve animated GIF:  DragonCurveGIF (.txt)

Newton's Method (roots): NewtonsMethod2  (.txt)

Taylor Polynomials: TaylorPoly (.txt)

Generate data sets (continuous distributions): DatasetsCont  (.txt)

Generate data sets (discrete distributions) DatasetsDisc  (.txt)

Polynomial Interpolation  PolyInter (.txt)

Goldbach's Comet  GoldbachComet (.txt)

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