Sage in the Classroom


BasicShapesBEG (.txt) Basic shapes at the beginning of the year.

Sage Tutoring: Midpoint Formula Midpoint (.txt) and DistanceFormula (.txt)

Sage Tutoring: Complex numbers (+,-,/,*) ComplexNumbers (.txt)

Creating Linear Regression Data CreateLinRegData  (.txt) This will create data sets and their scatter plot for finding which students will use to find the regression line.

Sage Tutoring: Polynomials (+,-,/,*)  PolyASMD  (.txt)

Linear Regression:  SageLR  (.txt)

Create Quadratic Data QuadRegData (.txt) Quadratic Regression SageQuadReg (.txt)

Evaluate Determinants: EvalDet (.txt)

Area of a Triangle (using determinants): AreaTriangle (.txt)


Secant approximation to the tangent line (left and right): Sample code SecTan  (.txt)


The function $latex f(x)=x^{1/2}$ is continuous on $latex (-\infty,\infty)$ but is not differentiable at 0. Click to see the animation.





The function is $latex f(x)=x^{2/3}$ and I've added  text("f(x)=x^(2/3)",(0,0), axis_coords=True, horizontal_alignment='left') in the animate command so that it appears on the gif. Click to see the animation



Chain Rule:  ChainRule  (.txt)  Generate random derivative problems with or without the Chain Rule.

Sage Interact:  TangentLineProblem (.txt) 3 functions to show how the secant line approximation to the tangent gets better the closer the two points get.

Fractals/limits: The Dragon Curve

StackExchange: Dragon Curve  (long list of resources, including 2 links below)

Numberphile video on the Dragon Curve

Donald Knuth on the Dragon Curve


Code for GIF posted on Python/Sage page.


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