Handouts, cheat sheets, and so on.

Teaching Point: You can’t cross multiply to prove an identity: PrIdent (.tex)  PrIdent (PDF)

Trig Table: TrigTables (.tex) TrigTables (PDF)

The square root of 2 is irrational: SqrtTwo (.tex)  SqrtTwo (PDF)

Thales' Theorem (1): ThalesTheorem1 (.tex)  ThalesTheorem1 (PDF) Thales' Theorem (2): ThalesTheorem2 (.tex)  ThalesTheorem2 (PDF) Thales' Theorem (2): ThalesTheorem3 (.tex) ThalesTheorem3 (PDF)

An Important Limit: LimSin (.tex) LimSin (PDF)     LimSin2 (.tex)  LimSin2 (PDF)   ImpLimit (.tex)  ImpLimit (PDF)

Log Tables: Natural log NatLogTable (.tex)  NatLogTable (PDF) Common log ComLogTable (tex)  ComLogTable (PDF)

 Number Patterns 1:  NumPat1 (.tex)  NumPat1 (PDF)

Graph Paper (big squares): GraphPaper (.tex)  GraphPaper (PDF)                                            small squares: GraphPaperB (.tex)   GraphPaperB  (PDF)

 Exponents Quiz 1:  ExpQuiz1 (.tex)   ExpQuiz1 (PDF)

Pythagorean Theorem Proof:  PythTh1(.tex)  PythTh1 (PDF)

Japanese Line Functions (Amidakuji): JapLineFunctions (.tex) JapLineFunctions (PDF)

Amidakuji are 1-1: JapLineFcn2 (.tex) JapLineFcn2 (PDF)

Pythagorean Theorem Converse Proof: PythConv (.tex) PythConv (PDF)

3 Essential Series Proofs: SeriesProofs (.tex) SeriesProofs (PDF)

Ordering the Rationals in [0,1]: OrderRationals (.tex)  OrderRationals (PDF)

The Rationals Have Measure 0: MeasZero (.tex)  MeasZero (PDF)

Euclid: The primes are infinite  EuclidPrime (.tex)  EuclidPrime (PDF)

Inductive versus deductive reasoning  IndDed (tex)  IndDed (PDF)

Coins  Coins (tex)   Coins (PDF)

Calculator Worskheet 1CalcWS1 (tex)  CalcWS1 (PDF)

Calculator Worksheet 2: CalcWS2 (tex)  CalcWS2 (PDF)

Area under $latex y=x^2$: Intx2 (text) Intx2 (PDF) Diagrams Intx2Region (PDF) Intx2Low (PDF)  Intx2Up (PDF)

Golden Rules: GoldenRules (tex)  GoldenRules (PDF)

An essential proof: ProofCon (tex) ProofCon (PDF)

A Glimpse of Calculus: CalcGlimpse (tex)  CalcGlimpse (PDF)

$latex \frac{1}{0}$ is Undefined: 1O0undef (tex)  1O0undef (PDF)

Law of Sines Proof: LawSines (tex)   LawSines (PDF) to compile the tex code you'll need the 4 diagrams which can be found on the Graphics page.

The Zero Property proof: ZeroProp (tex)  ZeroProp (PDF)

Law of Cosines Proof: LawCosines (tex)   LawCosines (PDF) to compile the tex code you'll need the same 4 diagrams used in Law of Sines Proof; they can be found on the Graphics page.

Test Template: Template1 (tex) Template1 (PDF) MyPic (PDF picture used in file)

Sage Test Template: You'll need Sage installed on your computer for this to work. SageTemplate (tex)  SageTemplate (sample PDF)

Uncountable R: UncountR (tex) UncountR (PDF)

White Notebook Paper Background Image: PaperBGHandwriting on notebook paper (tex file needs the jpeg above) NBpaperBGHand

Trig Identities and Formulas:  TrigFormulas (.tex) TrigFormulas (.PDF)

Explaining Probability:  

Induction Notes: InductionNotes  (PDF)

 Plot Template

PlotTemplateDownload: PlotTemplate  (.tex)  see here for some explanation.

Plot Template with spy (and vertical asymptotes):



Download: PlotTemplateSpy (.tex)

New Year's Activity: NewYearAct  (tex)

TI-84 plus calculator slides:  TI84Calc  (PDF)

Data Plot Template


Download: NatDebtGraph (.tex)

SternBrocot, list the rationals: RationalSeq (PDF)

Proof of Concept: Sage test with answers on separate tex file: SMCtest  (.tex)

Negative Times Negative is Positive: NegNegPos (.tex) NegNegPos (.pdf)

Integral Table: IntegralTable1  (.tex)  IntegralTable1 (.pdf)

Geometric Proof Template (LaTeX)


Download the file: GeomProof  (.tex)  ProofPic (.pdf)

How many factors does a number have?:  Factors (PDF)

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