Handouts, cheat sheets, and so on.

Teaching Point: You can’t cross multiply to prove an identity: PrIdent (.tex)  PrIdent (PDF)

Trig Table: TrigTables (.tex) TrigTables (PDF)

The square root of 2 is irrational: SqrtTwo (.tex)  SqrtTwo (PDF)

Thales' Theorem (1): ThalesTheorem1 (.tex)  ThalesTheorem1 (PDF) Thales' Theorem (2): ThalesTheorem2 (.tex)  ThalesTheorem2 (PDF) Thales' Theorem (2): ThalesTheorem3 (.tex) ThalesTheorem3 (PDF)

An Important Limit: LimSin (.tex) LimSin (PDF)     LimSin2 (.tex)  LimSin2 (PDF)   ImpLimit (.tex)  ImpLimit (PDF)

Log Tables: Natural log NatLogTable (.tex)  NatLogTable (PDF) Common log ComLogTable (tex)  ComLogTable (PDF)

 Number Patterns 1:  NumPat1 (.tex)  NumPat1 (PDF)

Graph Paper (big squares): GraphPaper (.tex)  GraphPaper (PDF)                                            small squares: GraphPaperB (.tex)   GraphPaperB  (PDF)

 Exponents Quiz 1:  ExpQuiz1 (.tex)   ExpQuiz1 (PDF)

Pythagorean Theorem Proof:  PythTh1(.tex)  PythTh1 (PDF)

Japanese Line Functions (Amidakuji): JapLineFunctions (.tex) JapLineFunctions (PDF)

Amidakuji are 1-1: JapLineFcn2 (.tex) JapLineFcn2 (PDF)

Pythagorean Theorem Converse Proof: PythConv (.tex) PythConv (PDF)

3 Essential Series Proofs: SeriesProofs (.tex) SeriesProofs (PDF)

Ordering the Rationals in [0,1]: OrderRationals (.tex)  OrderRationals (PDF)

The Rationals Have Measure 0: MeasZero (.tex)  MeasZero (PDF)

Euclid: The primes are infinite  EuclidPrime (.tex)  EuclidPrime (PDF)

Inductive versus deductive reasoning  IndDed (tex)  IndDed (PDF)

Coins  Coins (tex)   Coins (PDF)

Calculator Worskheet 1CalcWS1 (tex)  CalcWS1 (PDF)

Calculator Worksheet 2: CalcWS2 (tex)  CalcWS2 (PDF)

Area under y=x^2Intx2 (text) Intx2 (PDF) Diagrams Intx2Region (PDF) Intx2Low (PDF)  Intx2Up (PDF)

Golden Rules: GoldenRules (tex)  GoldenRules (PDF)

An essential proof: ProofCon (tex) ProofCon (PDF)

A Glimpse of Calculus: CalcGlimpse (tex)  CalcGlimpse (PDF)

\frac{1}{0} is Undefined: 1O0undef (tex)  1O0undef (PDF)

Law of Sines Proof: LawSines (tex)   LawSines (PDF) to compile the tex code you'll need the 4 diagrams which can be found on the Graphics page.

The Zero Property proof: ZeroProp (tex)  ZeroProp (PDF)

Law of Cosines Proof: LawCosines (tex)   LawCosines (PDF) to compile the tex code you'll need the same 4 diagrams used in Law of Sines Proof; they can be found on the Graphics page.

Test Template: Template1 (tex) Template1 (PDF) MyPic (PDF picture used in file)

Sage Test Template: You'll need Sage installed on your computer for this to work. SageTemplate (tex)  SageTemplate (sample PDF)

Uncountable R: UncountR (tex) UncountR (PDF)

White Notebook Paper Background Image: PaperBGHandwriting on notebook paper (tex file needs the jpeg above) NBpaperBGHand

Trig Identities and Formulas:  TrigFormulas (.tex) TrigFormulas (.PDF)

Explaining Probability:  

Induction Notes: InductionNotes  (PDF)

 Plot Template

PlotTemplateDownload: PlotTemplate  (.tex)  see here for some explanation.

Plot Template with spy (and vertical asymptotes):



Download: PlotTemplateSpy (.tex)

New Year's Activity: NewYearAct  (tex)

TI-84 plus calculator slides:  TI84Calc  (PDF)

Data Plot Template


Download: NatDebtGraph (.tex)

SternBrocot, list the rationals: RationalSeq (PDF)

Proof of Concept: Sage test with answers on separate tex file: SMCtest  (.tex)

2 thoughts on “Handouts

  1. Hi! I really appreciated the pdf with trig identities. Just wanted you to know that I think I found a few errors:

    1. sin(a-b) should have a minus sign instead of plus
    2. The signs got flipped on both tan(a-b) and tan(a+b)
    3. tan(2x) should be 2tanx/(1-tan^2(x)) instead of of 2x

    Thanks for the resources!

    • Thanks for your extra eyes! I haven't gotten to trig yet and didn't notice the problems. I've corrected the handout and have posted the revised code and PDF. Extremely buy nowadays but if you can think of some resources that would be helpful, let me know.

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