SageTex: Trigonometry

Trigonometry using degrees is a little bit easier with Sagetex because with radians Sagetex will take a fraction, such as $latex \frac{3\pi}{4}$ and make it $latex \frac{3}{4}\pi$. That, depending on your personality, can run the range of no big deal to really irritating.

Problem Type 1 (degrees):

Use reference triangles to find the value of sin/cos/tan/etc of the following angle.  Just tweek the code provided below. Click on the picture to see the code running on Sagemath Cloud.

RefTriDegRefTriDegrees (.tex)

Problem Type 1 (radians):

RefTriRadRefTriangleRad  (.tex)

Problem Type 2:

Plot $latex a\sin(bx+c)+d$ for at least 1 period. Find the amplitude, midline, periond, and horizontal shift.

TrigGraphingTrigGraphing (.tex)

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